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1Password – Password Manager v6.5.1 Direct Apk For Android

1Password password manager on Android

Ability to manage all the various passwords

1Password – Password Manager Software to manage passwords and passwords name is that it can enter different passwords and always have it with you.



  • Use a master password instead of all your passwords
  • The app syncs with the app, Mac, iPhone and iPad
  • Ability to add logins, credit cards, etc.
  • Ability to login on the website with one click
  • Ability to protect with a master password (Master Password)
  • Automatic protection capabilities of your device in case your phone is stolen or gets stolen

The use of passwords for various applications such as credit cards, social networks, emails, user accounts, account various sites, sites and enhanced VIP account. If users want to use a password for all user accounts and they have undoubtedly done a great risk, because if you take away one of the leaked passwords, all passwords have been hacked and the risks created for them is irreparable .

For this reason, it is recommended that a password for each account for use in case of leaking it does not create too many problems for you. But then of course, to remember different passwords outsourcing is also impossible, especially if strong passwords that contain numbers, symbols, letters, etc. are used.

To solve this problem, you can use password management program, this time on ApkTops one of these programs as 1Password – Password Manager has prepared that we can use it to manage various passwords you will have.

The software 1Password can enter all your passwords and save them. This application will allow you to create custom passwords in categories has access to them and find them to be very simple.

The software has a very high security, and you can enter a password from within the app 1Password avoid other people. 1Password app enables you to search your password to quickly locate it. One of the interesting features of 1Password app gives you the password for Master PassWord consider that one has different passwords instead of using only the use of a password.

As you maybe aware of this program for Mac OS and Windows and IOS is also available. The company has established feature in the app that lets you sync and can be provided with different versions of the passwords entered in the mobile phone, and tablet PC the iPhone or iPad also be used.

Note: The free version of 1Password – Password Manager, you only use the program for 30 days and after that the app stops working and you have to purchase the Premium version it is. It has been prepared on A Premium Edition and Unlimited Edition can use it.

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