Clear different footprints in the phone with 1Tap Cleaner

Full and cracked version

Every application you use on your mobile phone has tracks on the phone itself. For example, when you use a mobile browser, the URLs you are importing are stored and you may not be able to see them. But what can you do to clear these tracks?



  • No need for Root
  • Clear all cache files with a hint
  • Clear search results and history in browsers
  • Automatically clear the cache at specified intervals
  • Clear Cache Auto if the phone is less than specified
  • Clear the cache and program history
  • Warning for programs with a cache of over 500KB when the phone is turned on
  • Display the list of programs in sequence: Cache volume, Data volume, Program size, Code, Program name
  • Show programs in the market
  • Remove programs
  • Performances
  • Show program details
  • Show the total memory and free memory of the phone

The 1Tap Cleaner software is able to erase all the traces and caches left in different applications on the phone. This is done with just one touch of the button for this purpose, and just press it once to clear all the remaining cache.

In general, the 1Tap Cleaner app will provide you with the ability to increase the speed of access to your various sections and can work more quickly with your mobile phone. You can download this software directly from the site.