The latest version of 3C Battery Monitor Widget Pro

Different Android apps can give you different things to do. With these programs you can easily find out the details of different parts of your phone and try to optimize them.

The 3C Battery Monitor Widget Pro is a very practical tool that you can fully monitor your phone’s battery life. The battery is one of the most important parts of the smartphone, and each user wants to increase the amount of use it needs to know how to use it correctly. With this app you can find out more about your phone while using your phone. Your battery will be fully monitored and you can see how much it’s used at different times, and do different things for more power.

3C Battery Monitor Widget Pro Download Full Battery Monitor Monitor

Features of 3C Battery Monitor Widget Pro

  • A very functional tool
  • Simple and easy interface
  • Full Battery Monitor
  • There are many widgets available in different sizes
  • Measuring the actual capacity of the battery
  • Full history storage
  • Graphical graphic representation
  • Risk of manual battery information on rooted phones
  • Display of remaining time to discharge charge or complete charging
  • Display temperature
  • And other facilities

As stated above, the 3C Battery Monitor Widget Pro is a very practical tool with which you can easily monitor your phone’s battery. All information in this field will be stored on your phone and you can see its history. You will notice the actual capacity of your phone’s battery, and will notify you of the time it takes to complete the charge or full battery empty. Different information will be displayed in the form of graphic charts, which you can easily view.