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Maybe you have about that when entering the Android Play Store Check your connection and try again’ve encountered an error.

This error is very common and in some cases due to the installation system or install apps from Google Play mode occurs.

check your connection and try again play store

Fixing this error requires root and is very simple. In 99% of cases this error by proposed method is more soluble.

To view the training resolving Check your connection and try again to see more.

Again we would like to fix this error and it will also need to be routed as follows:

  1. Install First Root Explorer program.
  2. Go to System / etc go and find the Hosts file.
  3. Delete this file and restart the phone. (Do not forget to delete the backup files)
  4. The management of Android apps, the app’s Play Store and Clear Data to do it.
  5. Run Play store and you will see that the error is resolved Check your connection and try again.
  6. enjoy it.


Other cases such as the Internet or IP blocking IP Play Store by Iran can also cause this error.

If the above method does not work, use a VPN to connect to Google Play. Also make sure that your Google account to sync correctly on Android is added.

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