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5 Most Wanted Twitter Hacks and Plugins for WordPress [ Updated 2015 ]

 Looking to harness the full power of Twitter to drive traffic to your WordPress site? When used effectively, Twitter can help you find new users, expand your content reach, and bring traffic to your site. In this article, we will show you the most wanted Twitter hacks and plugins for WordPress.

1. Floating Social Bar

Floating social bar adds social buttons on top of your content including Twitter’s tweet button. Unlike other plugins, Floating social bar does not slow down your website. It asynchronously loads how many times your article has been tweeted and shows it in the button. We use a slightly customized version of the same plugin on all our websites to boost our social shares.


2. Schedule Your Tweets with Buffer

Buffer is one of the must use tools for every blogger. It allows you to schedule your tweets and other social media updates. You can even use it to schedule your WordPress posts for social media. The best part is that you can schedule for days and even weeks in advance if you really want to.


3. How to Add the Official Tweet Button

If you are using Floating Social Bar, then you will not need this because Floating social bar already comes with Tweet button. However if you would rather do it on your own, then you can grab the code and paste it. Simply visit the Twitter website and generate a code for your user account. You can place this code in a text widget or child theme. It can automatically detect the link a user is trying to share.


4. Display Recent Tweets in WordPress

Twitter is the discussion hub of the web. By displaying your recent tweets, you can provide your users a chance to jump into the conversation right from your website.

The easiest way to display your recent tweets in WordPress sidebar is by using the official Twitter widget. It allows you to display your recent tweets, and your users can tweet to you directly from your website.


There is no need to use a Twitter plugin for WordPress to do this.

5. Show Selective Tweets in WordPress

Don’t want to show your recent tweets? No problem. You can easily show tweets on specific topic in your WordPress blog.

Using the official Twitter widget, you can generate the code to display tweets on any search keyword or hashtag. Simply copy the code and then paste in a text widget, post, or page in WordPress.


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