Pool Ball 8 Ball Pool is another masterpiece from Miniclip.com

One of the best games that perfectly simulates the dramatic sport of billiards is the 8 Ball Pool , which has recently been designed by Google Play for the Android operating system studio Miniclip.com , which has more than 500 Million times downloaded and installed, with a score of 4.5 out of 5.0, which is said to be one of the best. In this game you will be able to play and play online both online and offline. The game has separated the various stages and unique features of the game from each other.

8 Ball Pool v3.12.4 Download new version of billiard game online

Ball Pool Features

  • Ability to play with other game users around the world
  • There are different billiard sticks
  • There are different and attractive tables
  • Has an offline section
  • A very simple control to hit the ball

Play a Pool 8 Ball Pool

If you’re also a fan of sports and especially exciting billiard sports, do not miss out on the new 8 Ball Pool. In this game, you can race online both online and offline. In the online game of billiards, you can start a game of doubles and have fun and in the online section you will compete with different people from around the world in this game. Different parts have been designed to compete with other people, each of whom dedicates a score, but in the end, if you win, you will receive twice the deducted score. You can also have an exciting contest with your friends.

Competitions are awesome and can challenge you. You can also showcase your skills to different people by participating in various tournaments. Each person has a specific rating for himself that specifies that professional rank or person’s amateur status. At different times you will have various achievements that can give you points or different things.