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Action Launcher – Oreo v34.1 Apk is Available !

Launcher is a very attractive Action Launcher

Includes dedicated patches

Action Launcher – Oreo The new version of Action Launcher 3 is an awesome and eye-catching launcher for Android phones that lets you change the look of your Android device. In the new release of Launcher Action recently released, you can change the look of your Android to Android 8. The new version of this app has not been cracked yet.


Features of Action Launcher – Oreo

  • Change the appearance of the phone to Android 8
  • Change the layout fast. The launcher is designed to extract the colors of your wallpaper and use it as a shell. Different parts like Quickdrawer, folder background, Google Search box and … can fit your wallpaper.
  • Ability to select a folder to put apps and games shortcuts for quick access
  • The ability to transfer the widget from various applications to the home screen of the phone is simply all that is needed
  • Quickdrawer for quick access to all your applications
  • Full custom program list feature
  • Ability to use different packs of icons
  • Full support for tablets

Perhaps many times it has come to your notice that the appearance of a regular phone of your cellphone has caused it to go away and look for a solution that can change the appearance of your Android phone. One of the best ways to do this can be to use the various launcher provided for the Android operating system.

If you are unsure about the choice of a suitable launcher for your mobile phone operating system, we recommend that you use the Launcher Launcher for the same time to see an amazing and awesome environment. This launcher will also provide you with a great variety of features that can make working with the phone much easier. You can get the latest version of the Action Launcher with a direct link from the site.

Free patch procedure Free Launcher Action 3:

This patch needs rout and expose .

Install and run the program. Activate the Uret Patcher module in the UPS and reset the phone. Then enter the item and select Action Launcher from the list, and then click the Patch button.



مشاهده ادامه مطلب


v34.1 (February ’18):
• Enhanced adaptive icon support, including “faux adaptive icons” for reshaping legacy icons and “AdaptivePack Fallback” mode which prioritizes the app’s native adaptive icon.
• Adaptive icon drag animations.
• AdaptiveZoom developer API.
• Android 8.1 style folders, including dynamic open / close animations.
• Update appearance of bundled calendar icons.
• Bug fixes & optimizations.
Recently Added:
• AdaptiveZoom!
• 2018 Supporter Pack.
• Much more!

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