Avoid displaying ads on Android with AdAway

Ability to prevent the display of program ads 
Can be installed on rooted phones

One of the problems that users are facing is the annoying advertising that exists in various applications. When you download a free application in the free version, there are usually ads that annoy users. But the AdAway program lets you remove such ads so that you do not see such ads within the apps.

This application uses Android file hosts. When an application intends to request internal advertising, these ads are sent to the address, which virtually nothing happens, so you will not see an annoying ad display.



After installing the application to activate it, select Root access to the program and then select Download file and apply ad blocking to download the list of ads and then block them.

Note: This software has access to routers only. So you have to install it on rooted phones to use this program and so that you can block annoying ads on websites, and practically any attempts to install it on untutored handsets, It will be useful!

In the audio that the app was unable to edit the Android Hosts file, install Flash Recovery AdAway_systemless install zip v2 file through flash recovery.