The latest version of the AdClear app and remove Android ads

AdClear Non-Root Ad Blocker

A powerful job of the developers and developers of the XDA World Forum 
No Need for Android Handwriting – Fully Unlocked Version

AdClear software, as its name suggests, is a software tool for removing ads on Android phones with an unbelievable feature. This software is able to block ads before your Android browser surrounds you or harms you in one app. By connecting to high-speed and secure VPN servers, this program will eliminate all annoying ads, as well as increase the security of web browsing and other applications.Installing this app is recommended to all users.



  • Remove encrypted ads
  • Establishing a secure VPN connection
  • Excellent performance with both wireless and mobile Internet connectivity
  • Ability to remove ads in apps
  • Ability to personalize the functionality of the application
  • No need to rotate the phone
  • Record Performance Block Software History
  • Ability to save battery and volume of the Internet by removing ads
  • Ability to increase the speed of loading web pages by removing ads