Plus and Monolayer software AFWall +

Important: Software requires root and does not actually use in non-root conditions

A truly user-friendly application that we strongly recommend installing!

AFWall + (Donate) is a great app! If you also use a lot of hours from the Internet and the first cell line in the day, and with the problem that if you use even one or two instant messengers or some lightweight internet sites, then a high percentage of your volume will be lost. You are bothered and upset by this, or if you have enabled the Gprs Irancell voluntary incentive schemes, but with little use, the volumes of these projects are coming to an end. We suggest that you use the software of interest Manage who offers it to you.

AFWall + (Donate) 1.3.2

We do not know the name of this issue, or the advantage, but on Android OS, unlike other platforms like Symbian, when you connect to the Internet, access to all programs, games and updates is open to the Internet, and this software In the background of unwanted communications, unlike our desire to update their servers and … And even when you are connected to the Internet, the operating system of the phone itself has its own software version with the latest version produced on the Android device manufacturer’s server. You, and all these issues mean the loss of Internet volume and the sharp drop in the cost of the wire Your credit card!

Learn how to use AFWall +

If you want to get rid of these problems, we recommend using the AFWall Android Firewall software. With this software you will be able to close all open programs on the Internet in both GPRS and wireless mode.

In the above screenshot, you will find that Nimbuzz software is open only in Gprs mode with the option to open Gprs mode, and this will allow all Gprs software to be accessed in the Gprs mode. The Nimbuzz software only has access to the Internet, which makes it easy to charge even for hours with Nimbuzz and GPRS Internet connection.

In the Wifi section as well as in the screenshot, because there is no limit to the use of the software from the Internet. All software access to the Internet is open by using the option Any Application Same As Selecting All Applications. After choosing all the changes you need, select the Apply and Emabled option from the software menu, as shown below, to register your changes and choices and activate the software.

AFWall + (Android Firewall) 1.2.9 (2)

We recommend this software to all Android phone owners who use Gprs mobile internet and Irancell Internet.

Note: By selecting and ticking any software, its access to the Internet will be unlocked and the ticker will be unlocked, its access to the Internet will be closed.

Note: After testing different software, we find that the software is the best of its kind.