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Age of Rivals v3.14 Apk is Available !

Board Game and Strategic Age of Ruin and rivals Age of Rivals

Age of Rivals is the name of another awesome board game with a unique gameplay in the style of the static bay that has been designed by Roboto Games for Android smartphones. There are a lot of ways to win other clever boards that include hundreds of cards from big pyramids and war elephants, and using them and implementing clever strategies you can overcome the enemy and Overtake them.


  • Acting as one of the 12 unique characters
  • Earn over 200 cards with unique special abilities
  • Performing a player versus smart intelligence
  • With breathtaking and challenging missions 
  • Multiplayer and public tournament rankings with online and free account creation
  • Possibility to unite with other players around the world
  • Contains monthly and fun competitions

Start playing Age of Rivals as one of 12 unique characters with attractive features. Outstanding features For more information, you can buy over 200 cards with unique unique capabilities, a player versus AI, we have different moorings, different challenges at different levels, the ability to run Multiplayer with online and free account creation, general tournament rankings, personal and private tournaments, unity with other players, monthly tournament experience and more. It’s worth mentioning that it has been a charming silver giant in the Android market and focused on tactical decision-making at the moment. The gameplay is designed in a unique way, and with a user friendly and affordable soundtrack it can easily entertain you. 

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