Online and Strategic Games Age of Warring Empire 

Strategic gameplay and beautiful role play 

Elex product 

Over 50,000,000 active installations in Google Play

You must also train your forces to form a powerful army and expand your empire by fighting against other players and conquering new empires.Read Also..

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Features :

  • Build your own empire and conquer enemy territories
  • Different action and strategy gameplay
  • Collecting legendary, historic and folkloric heroes from ancient Greece, Rome as well as Iran
  • The unique skills and abilities of different heroes
  • Beautiful battle with stunning animation quality
  • Upgrade and equip heroes with legendary weapons
  • Discover new technologies and upgrade forces to strengthen your empire
  • Create or join an alliance and fight against enemies as a team
  • Chat and connect with friends or other players around the world

In the game Age of Warring Empire you really have to fight and it’s not like cartoon and meaningless games. The era of warrior empires was created by the famous Elex Company, which has included most of the online and strategic games like the Battle of Spartans and the Kings Age in its resume.

This game is played with superb high-quality animation, in which the gameplay is in great need of war tactics. It also captures an unprecedented adventure game that you have not seen before in any other strategic game.