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ai.type keyboard plus + emoji vPaid-v9.5.4.0 Apk is Available !

Ai.type keyboard plus keyboard app

Possibility to install plugins and various plugins Supported by Farsi

Purchased version and full unlock

One of the most commonly used users of the day is the keyboard of mobile phones. The keyboard is always used to write on the phone. For this reason, a keyboard should be used that has a simple function. In some cases, users prefer the keyboard they use to look stylish and attractive. This time we have prepared a professional and complete keyboard site, called ai.type keyboard plus.



  • Show suggested words to enter
  • Possibility to complete half-finished words
  • Spelling correction of words
  • Has many attractive skins
  • Ability to customize many sections
  • Supports most of the world’s languages, including Farsi

 The ai.type keyboard Plus is the advanced and professional keyboard keyboard for Android smartphones that can replace the default phone app. With this software, you can choose among the many skins that are available to your liking and use the same. It is possible to change the current shell at any time for users.

This software has a very smart and robust falsifier that can easily correct mistakenly worded words. There is also the ability to see and use suggested words that can complement your sentences. This app supports many different languages ​​in the world.


Download files with direct link

Full keyboard unlock version – Size: 213.52 KB

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