View phone hardware information with AIDA64

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AIDA64 is the name of the software to view information about hardware and software Android devices. This software is applicable to all types of Android phones and tablets. It should be noted that AIDA64 is also available for Windows.



  • CPU monitoring and realtime management
  • Displays information about pixel density and display and camera information
  • Display the battery level and hardware temperature information
  • Information about wifi and cellular network
  • Android system details and Dalvik
  • Identify SoC and your Android device model
  • Manage and monitor and use memory and storage
  • Details of OpenGL ES GPU and instantaneous GPU time measurement
  • List of PCI, USB, CUDA, OpenCL devices
  • View the list of installed programs, codecs and system directories

AIDA64 provides the user with a complete range of features to allow you to view details about hardware and software on mobile phones. With this software you can see complete information about the phone CPU and its status.

With this app, you can see the temperature of different hardware on your phone. It is also possible to see the amount of battery and the amount of it lost using AIDA64. In general, it is also possible to view the complete information about the network and WiFi using the app for users.

In the software section, it is also possible to view the list of applications installed on the phone.

AIDA64 Patcher:

With this patch you can easily crack unpacked versions of the application. Install the original version and select the Patch option after executing the patch. This patch needs rout .