The latest AIO Launcher Premium Edition

The Android operating system has a very high flexibility and you can easily modify the various operating system components by installing different programs and customizing them according to your own taste. One of these programs that lets you personalize are launcher.

AIO Launcher is a unique and unique launcher that can meet your everyday needs well. Basically, people know the launcher with a lot of new features and graphics, with their installation they can add new animations to their phone’s interface and make the environment much more graphic. But this launcher is completely different and it’s something else that may be important to you. The Launcher delivers a very simple but functional page that brings you all the information you need, along with quick access to the applications you use.

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AIO Launcher application features

  • Unique and functional lanterns
  • Show Air Forecasts for up to 10 days in the future
  • Has a monitor system to display the CPU, RAM and battery usage
  • Android standard notification
  • Display playback control buttons while listening to music
  • the list of most used apps
  • Frequent and more frequently used contacts
  • Show the programs that you set
  • Show received messages
  • Has a dialer for fast calling
  • Has a timer
  • Show list of received emails
  • Display the latest Telegram messages
  • Show the latest RSS news
  • View calendar of upcoming days
  • Display different exchange rates
  • Appearance is very simple but functional
  • View all the things you need on one page
  • Use colorful themes
  • And other facilities

Show all the things you need on one page

As stated above, the AIO Launcher is a unique and unique launcher that gives you the top priority over graphical and 3D animations to showcase your applications. The weather forecast for the next ten days will be shown to you, and you can view the processor, RAM, and battery usage in the monitoring system.

Android standard notifications will be displayed to you, and when you listen to music, playback control keys will be displayed to you. The programs you use most are shown to you and you can set up programs for display. Your favorite calls will also be displayed and you can see the numbers you use.

New messages you have recently received, and you can make calls using the quick dialer. The latest messages on the Telegram social network are also ready for you and will be shown. In general, the developers of the program have made everything you need to be displayed in a full-fledged page and all the essential and everyday things you need.