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AirDroid v4.2.1.12 Apk is Available !

The latest version of Android AirDroid

Manage your phone wirelessly

If you want to experience an Android professional and ultra-functional software, connect with your phone, will give you the Airdroid software, which is definitely one of the best software for managing Android phones with your computer. Though it has countless features, it comes fully within the browser and does not require additional software installation on the computer. This program runs in two modes.

If you have Internet access, in addition to regular tasks like messaging, files, apps, and more, you’ll have special features. This feature shows the location of the phone on the map on the computer screen. That is, if your phone is lost or stolen, you can locate it precisely with this feature. If the computer and the phone are within a wireless network (WiFi), the network will be used to transfer information between the phone and the computer and Internet capacity will not be used for this, so do not worry about the end of Internet traffic.


  • Manage short messages include reading, sending new messages, and clearing read messages
  • Manage software on the phone, add software, clean up the software, output the APK format software,
  • Manage music that is used as a ringtone
  • Manage on mp3 songs in mp3 format, and in order to do all that is said
  • Manage the phonebook as described above, as well as create new groups and delete and edit existing groups
  • Access to the SD card or memory stick of the phone in full and complete management,
  • Manage the photos on the phone and the features described above
  • Ability to get out of the phone’s main software
  • Ability to view the Call Log in the 3 sections Missed, Outgoing, incomings and the ability to save items or instant messages to them (exactly like the phone)
  •   The ability to read the phone’s Clipboard memory, which means you can see everything you copy on the phone and the clipboard file through the software.
  • Show battery level, phone antenna, and internal and external phone memory

The way to run the program

To get started with Airdroid, you must first install it on your phone. By running the software you will have two options. If you choose the first option, you must create an account on Airdroid or, if you have already created it, enter the profile. The use of an account is because if both the phone and the computer were not on the same network, they could easily connect with a username and password.

It’s the ability to find lost or stolen handsets. If you choose the second option, Wi-Fi will be used to connect the phone and computer.


2018/05/31 v4.1.9.3

1.Fixed Android P crash issue. 
2.Other bugs fixes and improvements.

Download files with direct link

Apk – Size: 30.48 MB

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