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Akinator the Genie v4.11.1 Apk is Available !

Akynatvr fun game Akinator the Genie

Designed by the company Elokence
The full version of the game Polly Akynatvr

Akinator the Genie in the style of game that is fun to play this popular game to Elokence Game Studios for the Android OS and Google has released a design that has had more than a million times the download and installation. This game is designed with a certain style, like SimSimi play one of the games is fun for the Android operating system.

Akinator Akynatvr


  • Engaging gameplay and fun
  • Cartoon graphics and engaging
  • There guess the percussive
  • It has different sections

About the game Akinator the Genie:

Akinator the Genie is a fun game for Android phones in the style of the game is SimSimi Akynatvr except that the characters in the game can read your mind and in many cases what is in your mind that you think the to tell you the genie in the form of questions by asking you 20 questions and you display images and confirmation of the target in time, not so much to the character in your mind you think about it and it will make you realized introduces. The program is in French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Japanese, Russian, Italian, Turkish, Simplified Chinese and Korean (Persian No) questions to ask and keep you accountable.

Note: The questions and conversations in English is – play online Akynatvr acts.

Akinator the Genie 3.11 (5)Akinator the Genie 3.11 (2)

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