Akinator the Genie fun game

Designed by Elokence 
Full version and Eclipse game

The Akinator the Genie is an entertaining arcade style game designed by the Elokence gaming studio for Android operating system and released on Google Play, which has had over one million downloads and installers. This game is designed with a special style like the SimSimigame , which is one of the best games for Android operating systems.

Akinator Akinator


  • Attractive and fun gameplay
  • Cartoon and attractive graphics
  • Presence of guessing steps
  • It has different sections

Introducing the game Akinator the Genie:

The Akinator the Genie is an entertaining game for Android phones in the style of the SimSimi game , with the difference that the personality of the game in the echo can read your mind and in many cases what you think about it in your mind. It tells you that this magic lamp giant, by asking you questions in the form of questions, 20 questions and displaying pictures to you, and the confirmation of your progress, in a very long time, will discover the personality that you think in your mind and give it to you Introduces. This application is available in French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Japanese, Russian, Italian, Turkish, Simplified Chinese, and Korean (not available in Persian). Ask questions and answer your questions.

Note: The questions and conversations of the software are in English – Echinator game works online .