Strategic Alien Creeps TD Android Game 

Many of the games offered to Android, although small, are designed to be absorbed by users unknowingly. One of these games is Alien Creeps TD, which has an excellent graphics (HD). The attractive gameplay of the game also attracts the user by itself. Alien Creeps TD is a very entertaining and entertaining game for Android phones in the strategic style of the Outplay Entertainment Studio.

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Features of the game Alien Creeps TD

  • Defend the planet Earth using defensive towers
  • Challenging challenging players with 3 exciting modes
  • Ability to deploy heroes and infantry around the desired locations
  • Strategically defending using defensive towers
  • Ability to unlock new and powerful towers to defend yourself
  • Ability to share air strikes and reinforcements with your friends

Review game Alien Creeps TD

The story of Alien Creeps TD is about attacking spatial creatures on Earth, which aims to surround the Earth. You will also play as a military commander in the game, which you must be able to withstand, strategically, resist and destroy these creatures. As we mentioned, the Alien Creeps TD is designed in a strategic style. In this game you have to use defensive towers, so you can avoid the forces of the stranger. Different defense towers are placed in the game, each of which has powers and sometimes some capabilities that, according to your need, can put the tower in the right place to shoot the enemy forces.

An interesting point about the Alien Creeps TD game, which is less common in similar games, is the ability to use soldiers and pedestrians, and you can prevent the forces of the stranger by putting the forces on the paths you are looking for. do. Alien Creeps TD has towers, all of which are modern. That is, you will use towers that are designed to be used in a modern style. You can also upgrade and increase the power of these towers and you can upgrade them to several different levels.

Undoubtedly, Alien Creeps TD is one of the best defense strategy games (+ strategic) ever released for Android phones and will bring an unrivaled experience on your mobile phone. If you’re a fan of strategic games and especially tower defense, we recommend that you do not miss Alien Creeps TD at all.