The latest version of the Altimeter application

People interested in exercises such as climbing usually go out of town and go to a place suitable for this sport. To climb hills and various sorrels, one of the information you need is its height so you can get a good estimate to climb it.

The Altimeter app helps you calculate altitude. This app is made for people who are outdoors and interested in mountaineering disciplines. With the help of this program you can calculate anything without the need for the Internet and only using the height triangle method. Also, if you have the right tool, you can also measure the ambient pressure program.

Download the Android Altimeter app

Altimeter application features

  • High speed calculation
  • Very user-friendly environment
  • Display size to meter and foot
  • With a smart little compass
  • Share user position
  • Display sizes in different charts
  • Possibility to calculate environmental pressure in case of presence of sensor
  • And other features

As stated above, with the help of the Altimeter application, you can easily calculate the height of different objects using a smartphone .The app does not require internet to calculate and measure, and at any moment and place you can query the results. The program can give you the results in a variety of charts and specify the minimum and maximum recorded height. A small compass is also available to launch your work in the program.