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Always On AMOLED v0.9.0.4 Apk is Available !

Keep clear AMOLED screen with Always On AMOLED

The purchased version program

Always On AMOLED allows you to lock your phone and open it by double tapping. There is such a feature in LG handsets. Many users are interested in this type of lock that this app has it for you simulations.



  • Keeping the usual screen
  • See notifications without touch screen
  • Show the percentage of remaining battery
  • Night mode automatically at night
  • Lock your device when placed in the pocket
  • There are different analog and digital clock
  • Turn the page by double-clicking
  • Allows you to customize the color, size, font, text light

Always On AMOLED display software can sort your phone is always turned on. The application time and date (of your choice) will display on the screen with a black background. You can cycle through each available analog and digital clocks to choose what you want it for home use. There are numerous options for customizing the appearance of program that you can use them to your taste.

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