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AmpMe – Social Music Party v5.2.0 Apk is Available !

Convert several Android phone to a speaker unit with AmpMe

Released for free

Suppose that you have to connect several different speakers by connecting your phone to one of them, you expect the voice of all the speakers to reach your ear. Software AmpMe exactly can such an operation without the need for additional speakers do. This software is able to connect to speakers several different phone so you can listen to your audio files with very high quality.



  • High quality audio playback for high-quality speaker phone
  • Provided completely free
  • Without the need for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to connect to other phones
  • Built-in microphone for connecting with other phones
  • Has a cool interface and stylish

AmpMe in your phone known as home phones and other devices that are connected to your phone as a known guest phones. Guests with phones connected to the phone host software must be installed on all of them. Connection via WiFi or Bluetooth are not doing this program but also to connect your device to beep that is played by the host phone will use.

Guests should phone the microphone inside the program beep beep sound received is intended to connect devices to each other. Each of the devices, at any time can simply cut the chain. Note that the software currently works AmpME dependent on SoundCloud is.

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