Latest version of Angry Birds Blast Island for Android

The Angry Birds games are one of the most popular smartphone games in the early versions that could reach this level of popularity and charm. After that great success every time the creators released a new game from the series with a different space.

The Angry Birds Blast Island is an excellent entertainment game created and published by the Rovio Entertainment Corporation, and continues to be the epic game of Angry Birds. Various versions of the game take place in different places and have their own color on their own. This game is also no exception, and this time it takes you to a new space called the island of blasting. All your favorite birds are in this game and you can experience the pleasure of this series in a different way.

Angry Birds Blast Island Download game Angry Birds Island Blast for Android

Features of the game Angry Birds Blast Island

  • Continued series of fascinating birds games
  • A new experience of the weather of angry birds
  • The existence of all the characters in the game
  • New environment and excellent design
  • New and different gameplay
  • Fight pigs to catch birds
  • Has more than 500 fun stages
  • Ability to play the game offline
  • Take advantage of more powers
  • Daily Awards and Challenges
  • And other features

Another feature of Angry Birds Blast Island is the new gameplay, completely different from previous versions. The game has more than 500 different and varied stages, each week increasing its number. The way of playing is that birds and eggs are captured inside the balloons and pigs are watching around. You must save birds and eggs by throwing and dropping balloons and return to your arms.

The game has the ability to run at any place and time, and like some versions, it’s offline and does not require internet to play. You can get more features and more with the game ahead, and get faster balloons. There are also many online challenges and awards online, with which you can get bonuses and bonuses.