Online game and fun Angry Birds Evolution

Great graphics and great detail
Competitive and attractive gameplay in RPG style (role playing) 
Finnish studio Rovio Entertainment Ltd

Note: This game will only run on Android 5.0+.

Angry Birds Evolution The 17th Angry Birds Angry Birds series is the most popular mobile gaming series that released its first trial in July 2016. The final version of the game was released in February 2017. Angry Birds Evolution is produced by Chimera Entertainment Studio and released by Rovio.

Angry Birds Evolution v1.15.1 Download game Angry Birds Evolution

Features of the game Angry Birds Euloshen

  • Role Playing Style
  • Fun and competitive gameplay online
  • There are over 100 characters containing dozens of new characters
  • The ability to build and personalize your own team
  • Participate in online contests
  • Ability to upgrade and practice birds

Introducing and reviewing the game Angry Birds Evolution

The game of Angry Birds is so popular that now its main owner, the Finnish company Rovio, is using this popularity to build new titles. The Angels Bros. Uluschan, another name for Angry Birds TNT, is the latest title released in 2017 from the Angry Birds series, which can be considered an evolved version of Angry Birds Epic ‘s role-playing style.

In the game Angry Birds Euloshne, the main difference being the presence of a lot more characters, you as a leader in the birds, as always, should go to war with green and bad pigs. More than 100 different characters have been designed and featured in Angry Birds Evolution, at least over 60% of them are new! You can create your own team and use different characters in it.

It’s your job to build a strong team to deal with your rivals. The main part of the game is the Arena. A section where you can compete online with players all over the world. As the name implies, your focus should be on evolving your team and characters. With more points and resources, you have to upgrade your team and birds to be stronger in the next campaign.