Angry Birds Friends 

Very entertaining and beautiful gameplay 

Over 50,000,000 active installations in Google Play

The product of the famous company ROVIO

Angry Birds Friends is a new game of Angry Birds games and is still enjoyable by the audience. As you know, the Beards Games Angry Birds is one of the most exciting and fun games released for Android, and we’ve seen it for a variety of platforms and platforms. This section of the collection attracted millions of users and, as with most editions, scored a good score on Google Play. In this version you will be more competitive with your friends, which is why the name of this version of friends is introduced.

Download the game Angry Birds Friends


  • Weekly tournaments: Each week 6 new leagues to test your skill
  • World League: tension and competition between millions of players
  • Competition and reward: Difficult coins by earning the title of the best player in each row
  • Seasonal themes: Play in different races with diverse and fun chapters
  • From friend to enemy: Invite your friends to a competition by connecting to Facebook
  • Climb the score table by defeating friends and other players
  • A hearty soundtrack with awesome two dimensional graphics
  • A highly entertaining and addictive gameplay with lovely characters

In the game Angry Birds Friends, you compete with your friends and other players who collectively have a million games in the weekly tournament, which should prove that the bird’s finger is the best! In the game Angry Birds: Your friends will encounter six new phases each week, with a variety of pigs that are positioned in different locations. Of course, if you think it’s not enough, you can join millions of players around the world and compete in the World League. The game is covered every week with a variety of themes that will be added to the game on special days of the year, like Halloween and Christmas! This game is very popular all over the world and different people have recorded a variety of records for the game that share them on Facebook and … You also try to register your best record!