Play Angry Birds Angry Birds POP Bubble Shooter 

Released by Rovio 
Normal version + Modified version

Few people can be found who did not know Rovio and did not hear the name of the company. This company is the creator of the famous game series Angry Birds, and through this game, he was able to achieve great success. The latest version of the product provided by Rovio is Angry Birds Stella POP Bubble Shooter , which is available for Android smartphones.



  • Remove cumulative color bubbles
  • Unveiling of the new Stella bird in this version
  • Freeing prisoners of creature among bubbles
  • Sync games with your Facebook account
  • Having an attractive and colorful environment
  • Excellent and stunning graphics

Introducing and reviewing the game Angry Birds Stella POP Bubble Shooter

When Rovio first released the Angry Birds series, he never thought he could achieve such a success at that time. Those days everyone defined the game and became one of the most popular PC games. With the release of Android smartphones, the game was released for these platforms.

It was here that Angry Bardz was far more popular than his predecessor, because with the easy access to the game on the mobile phone, more users were attracted to it, which made fans of the series of angry birds multiply. This issue remained uninterrupted for a few years, and Rovio played Angry Birdz playing. During this time, we’ve seen Angry Birds songs from Angry Birds Friends, Angry Birds Season, and so on.

But to some gamers, Rovio did not add any creativity to the games, and only saw that the new games of the company were presented in the style of the previous games, and the only difference was observed in them,

The presence of one or two new birds and changing the playing field. That was enough to make Rovio lose its lead, leaving its place behind the popularity of the game among users to other companies. Although the angry birds games series still have a lot of fans, it’s by no means the fans who have been drawn to the game many years ago since the release of the first version of the game!

Release games with a new style

It was a while ago that Rovio was launching a game called Angry Birds Stella , which had a girlish style and used birdies that mostly had gowns and dresses. The company expected that by changing the style of the game, it could regain its popularity somewhat.

While Angry Birds Stella was released with a fairly new gameplay and gameplay, it still could not get Rovio back on top of the most popular gaming companies. But anyway, the game could have gained a lot of fans, and perhaps that was also enough for Rovio to be able to become one of the most popular among the games that it has released.

At Angry Birds Stella Angry Birds played a completely different way this time. The birds in this game played a role of an image that covered the scenes and parts of the game. The purpose of the Angry Birds Stella was to destroy bad pigs (like a few other stories!). By playing the game, you could kill the pigs.

In this game you have to remove bubbles by throwing bubbles to a large number of colored bubbles. To do this, you would have to throw the bubble inside the arc into a series of bubbles that were in the same color, and put it to the point where you were able to finish the stage. You would continue.

This game has various and very entertaining stages that challenge users. We also saw the introduction of a new bird named Stella, which was introduced for the first time in this release. Pink and beautiful bird whose name is also based on the same character. In principle, Stella is known as the hero in the game.

And head to Angry Birds Stella POP Bubble Shooter

But apparently the maneuvering of the company on the game Angry Birds Stella is not over, because today Rovio has launched a new version of the game called Angry Birds Stella POP , which has more and more features than Angry Birds Stella.

In Angry Birds, Stella POP should also be able to eliminate them by throwing the bubble into a series of bubbles of the same color. It is necessary to do this in order to advance the game and destroy the pigs. You must be able to release Angry Birds Stella POP by releasing strange creatures caught in the bubbles.

Angry Birds Stella POP has really stunning graphics. The game environment is also great, and you will play the game in a variety of environments. In this game, the presence of beautiful and cheerful colors throughout the game has increased the excitement of the game.

The Angry Birds Stella POP game, which is known as the Angry Birds POP Bubble Shooter , is completely addictive and appealing.Undoubtedly Angry Birds Stella POP will attract your attention. So if you are a fan of Rovio, we recommend that you do not miss the company’s newest masterpiece.

Explode the bubbles!

  • To save the unknown creatures among the bubbles, avoid catching pigs and gain more points, remove bubbles of the same color.
  • To increase the power of blowing bubbles, open the reinforcement locks.

Fun puzzles

  • With the action gameplay that this game, you can shoot by using a puppet beam: D
  • Make professional throwing bubbles and take a good strategy to launch throws


  • View the golden city map with great graphics and very relaxing and beautiful music
  • Challenge friends and see their progress on Facebook
  • Sync games with mobile and tablet!