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Angry Birds Transformers v1.33.6 MOD Apk + Data is Available !

Beautiful and fun game for Angry Birds Transformers

A different version of the Angry Birds series 

Great graphics with exciting action gameplay

Angry Birds is one of the most controversial and popular games that gave the mobile game a new smell. A simple and fun game that, after a short time, turned into a massive global commerce for Rovio. Rovio started producing and releasing other versions of the game when it saw the game that made it popular and popular. The early versions were exactly in one shape, but with apparent changes and spatial changes. But in the last couple of years, changes to the new version of Angry Birds are incomparable to the original version.


atributies :

  • A new and unique style in Angry Birds
  • Action-packed gameplay style Running gameplay
  • Ability to move to the robot (for attack) and car (for fast movement)
  • Graphics and highlights
  • An exciting environment full of chaos and collisions
  • Ability to equip robots with various weapons
  • Ability to upgrade and buy a lot of equipment
  • Various characters
  • The ability to play the role of birds and pigs as a team

Review of the game Angry Birds Transformers

Rovio also created a variety of styles like Angry Birds GO , Angry Birds Epic , Angry Birds Star Wars , Angry Birds Stella . But after these versions, a lot of rumors spread over the next version of the Angry Birds Arcade series.

Different names, different game styles, and so on. Until the early 2014, the name of the new Angry Birds series was officially introduced by Rovio. This version was named Angry Birds Transformers. After the introduction of this game on October 30, 2014, it was officially released for Android and iOS. Join the to introduce and download this beautiful game.

Angry Birds Transformers is a new generation of Angry Birds games. Like the Angry Birds Star Wars version that was made to imitate the Star Wars movie series, Angry Birds Transformers is also emulated from one of the most action films in the world – the series of Transformers or Transformers movies and series. In this game, like the currents of the movie, where there were giant robots, from a robot to a car, truck or even airplane, you can also change the robots under your control in different shapes.

Check the content of the gameplay 

In Angry Birds Transformers, in addition to the gameplay and its other parts, there is a big change in the story of the game. This time, your enemies are no longer pigs! But in this game you have to prepare for a more dangerous enemy. The story is that EggSpark attacks the piggy island. Now you have to play the role of Angry Birds to save the pigs island.

Angry birds need the same technology to fight and confront these enemies, so they used Transforming technology and put their name on Autobirds. Angry birds are guided by equipped robots that have hands and feet and can go to war with enemies. You must target the enemy robots and shoot them with the various weapons you have.

The robots can also be quickly converted to the machine when it’s needed. In many parts of the game you will have to turn yourself into a car to pass through obstacles. If you’re familiar with the characters in the Transformers collection, we’ll say that these characters are also named Angry Birds Transformers. The red bird or the same role as the Reds in the role of Optimus Prime, the Chuck in the role of Bumblebee and …. The arcade style is action-packed and its graphics are also top-level.

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