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Angry Neighbor v2.2 Apk is Available !

Angry Neighbor is a charming neighbor’s game for $ 1.49 in Google Play

Angry Neighbor is a fantasy adventure game sold for $ 1.49 at Google Play for purchase. Angry Neighbor Game is designed by InvictusGames Design Studio.

Angry Neighbor is a great game in which you can become a wizard and curious neighbor. Some of your neighbors have just come to this place and are suspicious. Now you can go home to them when they are not home and look at everything that seems suspicious and if you do not get your hands, you can hide in his house and see what he does. Get the information you need.

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Features :

  • Great 3D graphics
  • Good game management with proper controllers
  • Existence of an unusual scheme in the game
  • Freedom of action in the game
  • Enjoy all parts of the game
  • Ability to find keys in neighbors
  • Explore the neighbors’ home
  • Attractive and fun gameplay
  • Compatible with all types of phones and tablets

Introducing Angry Neighbor

This game, as described above, has a fun gameplay that if you do not drop your homework, they will be suspected and will be trapped for the next time they are going to leave their house. They will send people like you to the trap. Now, a new problem has been added to the game, which should be full of traps, and if you are trapped in these traps, you will have a hard time ahead of you. It’s also a great soundtrack game.

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