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AnTuTu Benchmark v7.2.6 Apk

AnTuTu Benchmark, the prominent Anthoote program

To analyze the hardware of Android phones With over 50 million downloads from Google Play With the new version of AnTuTu 3DBench

In general, Benchmark means analyzing a device and earning an exact rating. Usually people who want to get information about their device, such as mobile phones, laptops, computers and more, use Benchmark to accurately report their details to their device.



  • A tool for testing, scoring and benchmarking devices
  • The only free software for benchmarking Android devices
  • More than 100 million downloads from the Polystrove site
  • Best software for analyzing and benchmarking the phone
  • Display the memory function and its accuracy
  • Integrated CPU performance test
  • Floating Point Processor Performance Test
  • Two-dimensional and three-dimensional graphics performance testing
  • Test speed reading and writing card

AnTuTu Benchmark is one of the best and maybe even the best benchmark software on Android phones that can help you get more detailed information about your phone hardware. This software is able to provide accurate information about the processor, RAM, memory and ….Also, by benchmarking the phone with the Entugo Benchmark program, you will receive a numeric score that measures the performance of the device hardware by the same token.


1.Added compatibility for MediaTek P70M SoC. 
2.Fixed incorrect CPU architecture display of Kirin 980.

Download files with direct link

Apk AnTuTu Benchmark – Size: 55.9 MB

Apk Antutu 3DBench – Size: 165.08 MB

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