Tudo’s Android ToDo List

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It has also happened to you many times that you were going to do things going out, but you’ve forgotten some of them because of your mental problems. Or even have an appointment on the day and hour you have forgotten.

You can use notifier and reminder programs to deal with such problems. This time on, we have prepared one of the best reminder software called Any.do To-do List & Task List.



  • Ability to sync cloud between mobile, computer, Internet and tablet
  • The ability to express what’s in your mind with the voice command program
  • Ability to drag and drop (drop and drag) into the program
  • Insert notifications and reminders by selecting the ground and position of the base
  • Sharing lists with other people
  • Ability to add attachments to notes and reminders
  • Designed for mobile with a simple and attractive look

Any.do To-do List & Task List is a very powerful and awesome reminder program for Android that you will never forget about the important appointments and tasks you need to do. This software allows you to add different reminders with alerts so that at the time you want, this will be notified to you and you can handle the work you want.

With this software you can set infinite reminders and alarms for your desired time. You also have the ability to add attachments to your reminders. Any.do To-do List & Task List has a very simple yet attractive design that you can communicate with in the fastest time.