The latest version of the Money and Pro launcher Apex Launcher

Plus the plugin displaying the number of lost contacts and SMS + i2theme monetary themes

If you’ve updated your phone officially or unofficially and upgraded to the Android version 4 Android, which is the latest Android version so far for Android phones, then we recommend that the Apex Launcher Pro launcher, with the beauty and features above Install it on your phone.


This launcher provides you with some of the following options:

  • Set the number of icons in the width and width of the page
  • Increase the number of home screens to 9 pages
  • Hiding various components of the home screen like Staatus Bar, Dock and Search bar
  • Ability to change icons and their labels
  • Ability to pick up apps by title, date of installation or the most used
  • Optimized for both the tablet and the phone
  • Ability to lock the desktop to prevent unwanted changes
  • Ability to retrieve settings and information and revert them

Tips for using the Apex Notifier plugin:

After installing the launcher, install this software as an Apk file so that all calls, SMSs, emails and … as numbers (shown in the screenshot above) are displayed on this launcher. .