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Apex Launcher Pro v4.4.1 Apk is Available !

The latest version of the Money and Pro launcher Apex Launcher

Plus the plugin displaying the number of lost contacts and SMS + i2theme monetary themes

The Apex Launcher Pro is a very nice and powerful launcher for Android, which lets you give your device a beautiful yet efficient look. The appearance of an Android smartphone can only be changed by installing a program called Launcher, and you can use it best by choosing the best launcher. This launcher is among the most Android launcher that makes your phone look so simple and beautiful. You’ll be able to create multiple pages, and you can put your own widgets and widgets on it. It will also be possible to access the application drawer and you can quickly see your list of programs.


Features of Apex Launcher Pro

  • An excellent launcher
  • Simple and efficient appearance
  • Ability to select various icons
  • Ability to hide programs
  • There are various themes
  • Possibility to create 5 home pages
  • Placing widgets and application icons on your homepages
  • Scroll the page to go to the home screens and application drawer
  • Various and attractive effects to change the page
  • Appearance customization
  • Custom Programming
  • Lock the page to keep it unmade
  • Supports all kinds of touch gestures
  • Possibility to backup launcher settings
  • Suitable for tablets and handsets
  • Show number of program notifications
  • And other facilities

As stated above, the Apex Launcher Pro is a full-fledged launcher for Android phones that, in addition to streamlining and streamlining your phone, offers you the right features. You can use a variety of themes and icon packs for your phone and completely customize the appearance of the launcher. You can hide the programs and you can arrange the list of application drawer programs according to your desire. The program will be available on Android tablets and handsets and you can use it.

There are various options for placing widgets and you can easily scroll through programs by scrolling. The launcher also supports a variety of touch gestures, and you can enable them to perform various tasks. By locking your home screen, you will no longer be worried about disrupting it if you touch it and the apps will be in the designated location. With the Launcher plugin installed, you can view the number of announcements of any smartphone-style application on its icon and easily backup itself to Launcher settings.

Screen shot of the game or the program


Fix some bugs.

Download files with direct link

Apk Full – Size: 14.89 MB

Apex Notifier 4.0.2 Update – Size: 256.5 KB

Themes – Size: 32.53 MBZip code: www.apkto

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