Fully Unlocked and Unlimited App Cloner

Clone Android apps with a few clicks

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A new version of the new App Cloner for the first time among all Android sites

App Cloner, which we now plan to offer the latest and greatest full-featured version, will serve you on top Android users. It’s a great app for making multi-duplicate and so-called clones. Of course, we have already introduced another example of this software on the site, but again, for those users who are not familiar with this software and application, they understand the performance of this program by giving an example to explain its function.

Suppose an application, for example, is a colossus game set up on your phone.

Naturally, if you want to install the installer again on your Android phone, the Replace is done, but with the App Cloner you will be able to clone the attachment file and install it by clone it. Without replacing the new game, you’ll have two games of cloning at the same time on your Android phone.

A number of apps that are cloned by this program:

• Amazon Kindle
• DropBox (except internal PDF viewer)
• eBay
• Facebook (*)
• Facebook Lite
• Firefox
• Flickr
• Flipboard
• Instagram
• Netflix
• Opera, Opera Mini
• Outlook
• Pinterest
• Skype
• Skype for Business
• Spotify
• SwiftKey Keyboard
• Telegram
• Threema
• Tumblr
• Twitter
• WordPress
• Yahoo Mail

A number of apps that are not cloned by this program:

• Chrome
• Evernote
• Facebook Messenger
• OneDrive
• Snapchat
• Trello
• Viber
• WhatsApp
• YouTube (version 4.2.x works)

Note: This application is not responsive to all Android apps and games.