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App Locker – Best App Lock v3.0.31 Apk is Available !

Best Lock Lock App – Best App Lock

Maybe you’ve ever had to hide or lock an app on your phone. But unfortunately, you have not succeeded in doing so. Undoubtedly, the use of an on-board application is the best choice and can address your need in this regard. To this end, Android developers have come up with various apps that App Locker – Best App Lock is at the top of, and, as its name implies, the best and most used program for locking apps, Games, and … on the big Android market.

App Locker - Best App Lock


  • Supports fingerprinting and compatibility with all handsets
  • Ability to block Facebook chats , WhatsApp and …
  • Having a very nice and beautiful theme with personalization capabilities
  • You have separate lock and protection from gallery , messenger and …
  • Ability to lock messages and social apps using template, pin and …

Searching for and finding the right application among unlimited applications in a variety of applications is not easy, so we’ll introduce the best app for locking the App Locker – Best App Lock without the introduction. With the capabilities that it has, you are surprised and able to fully meet your needs in this area. With this software you can encrypt your software with encryption or patterns and easily protect them. Other features of the program include support for fingerprint scanners , locking of messages and social apps, blocking Facebook chats , WhatsApp , etc., having beautiful and beautiful themes, gallery protection, messenger and more. . In general, this app is the lightest and best locked app in the Google Play store, which does not consume RAM, battery, or other system resources.

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