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App Volume Control Pro v2.04 Apk is Available !

Sound planning App Volume Control

Allows you to adjust the sound for any apps and games

App Volume Control app for Android phones is voice control of various parts. With this software, you can have complete control over the sound of each section of your Android device.



  • Making specific legislation to install any program
  • Adjust the sound of music, ringtone, alarm, notification and systems
  • Adjusting the sound when starting their Aplkyshn
  • Set up different sounds when connecting a headset to the phone
  • The possibility of giving a voice to system applications
  • Ability to restore the old sound when closing programs
  • When you set the alarm to sound
  • The settings for audio

It happened many times that you open an app or game you control playback of different sounds of it, but you want to mute this up when you run the app, it will not sound.

Software App Volume Control can provide you a possibility to help it complete control over every app that has set the playback volume of the sound is desired. The software also supports headset also can default to the volume when you connect a headset to the phone.


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