Disable Android phone apps at specific times

Fully Unlocked Version

Perhaps you’ve come to you too often when you’re working, receiving SMS, ringing friends, annoying apps and games installed on your phone, and so on. It’s all about getting worn out of hand and holding the phone in your hand. get. It’s just a moment to keep up the clock and forget about your work. But this time we’re going to introduce a program called AppBlock Pro – Stay Focused, which if you have such a problem, you can use it.

AppBlock --- Stay-Focused


  • Block the executed programs by selecting them
  • Disable application notifications
  • Create profiles using different rules for groups
  • Ability to protect the application using an arbitrary password
  • View blocked notifications after closing the application

With the AppBlock Pro – Stay Focused app, you can put any application on your mobile device in the list. That way, if you enable AppBlock, you will not be able to see blocked app notifications on your phone and you can do your job so that notifications from your phone do not bother you. In AppBlock Pro – Stay Focused, you can easily place any of the programs or games that have the announcement on the blacklist.For example, you can put apps such as Telegram, Facebook, Viber, or games such as Kleeffclens and … in your list to block notifications.Read Also..