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APUS Launcher-Themes, Boost, Hide Apps v3.10.5 Apk is Available !

The latest version of Android APUS Launcher

50 million downloads from Google Play 

This launcher is superb in speed and performance

Suitable for users of phones that suffer from the slowness and slow speed of your handset …

We suggest you try once

With the Apus launcher Notification plugin

The APUS Launcher-Small, Fast is the fastest and most popular Android launcher series with many features that we are currently introducing to the latest version. APUS has also been able to bring a lot of users to Google Play and get an excellent 4.5 score with a record 50 million downloads. The features of this launcher are another prerequisite. In the following, we briefly describe these features and suggest that you install and enjoy the launcher yourself, and explore and explore its in-depth features. do.

If you miss the default Kentry launcher on your phone, the APUS Launcher will solve this problem. The famous slogan of this fast and fast launcher is like a flying hunter!


atributies :

  • Very fast and powerful motors for faster and better performance
  • Very small volume compared to other launcher (only 4 MB)
  • Intelligent organization of programs based on their performance
  • Introducing the latest and greatest apps and games for you
  • Save 80% more memory than the default launcher
  • Increased 200% load speed
  • Quickly search apps and games with 100% results.


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APUS Group

Download files with direct link

Apk – Size: 15.58 MB

Apus launcher Notification 1.6.0 – Size: 825.85 KB

Trial Version 2.0.0 – Size: 4.55 MB

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