Email Manager Aqua Mail – Email app

Modded and fully unlocked version with all features

Aqua Mail – Email app is a program for managing emails. With this program, you can manage emails in various services such as Google, Yahoo and more.

Features of Aqua Mail

  • Automatically set up popular email services such as Google and Yahoo …
  • Supports a large number of email services with standard IMAP, POP3, and SMTP protocols
  • Quick notification as soon as you receive the email
  • Synchronize drafts, sent, and deleted messages with other email programs
  • Save Attachments on Memory
  • Email widget and display widget
  • Interact with Tasker applications, Enhanced SMS & Caller ID, Light Flow, Cloud Print
  • Customize the settings above
  • Money version: more than two accounts
  • Delete signature from sent emails
  • Wider settings for each account

Aqua Mail is fast, safe and beautiful

Many users use different emailing services and they have to do this to cover their needs. You may also be part of this category and you will have to use multiple emails in different services to cover all your work. But as you know, having multiple emails can have management problems.

When you use multiple emails to manage all the emails you receive and the email you want to send, it’s definitely a matter of great interest that it’s a lot of time You have to spend. Fortunately, with the release of email management software that’s also available today for mobile phones, you’ll have the opportunity to manage and manage your emails at your own time.

Aqua Mail – email app is one of these email management software. With this program, you can manage multiple emails from various emailing services like Google, Yahoo, MSN and … at the same time. In this app, as soon as you receive a new email, you will see a notification announcing the same thing, which will notify you to view and read the new email. This app also has a dedicated widget that you can use on the home screen to have quick access to the Aqua Mail – email app.