The latest version of Armored Squad Mechs vs Robots for Android

Different games are being developed and released for the Android operating system, with which you can enjoy the fascinating and exciting stages of their installation. Among these games, action games have a lot of charm and excitement, and their performance can be very enjoyable.

Game  Armored Squad Mechs vs Robots is a game the action is very attractive by FoxForce Games Game Studios and published. With the advancement of technology and the advancement of combat weapons, as well as the entry of robots into the battlefield, one can imagine war of robots. This fascinating game can also bring you into the robot battles and give you the opportunity to participate in various campaigns. You must choose the robot you want and fight against your enemies using various weapons and in an attractive game environment. Your friends and enemies are distinct in the game and you must attack enemies by defending your friends.

Armored Squad Mechs vs Robots Download Armored Squad

Features of Armored Squad Mechs vs Robots

  • Inviting friends to participate in online campaigns
  • Has over 60 intriguing offline steps
  • Possibility to use lasers, missiles and sword
  • Simultaneous use of several weapons

Battlefield very wide and are designed to comfortably can fight with your enemies. You need to collect destroyed pieces of destroyed robots so you can use them to build new robots. There are three levels of difficulty for the game, and you can fill your time with the game’s catchy and simple gameplay.

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