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Assoluto Racing v1.13.4 MOD Apk + Data is Available !

Beautiful and attractive game Assoluto Racing

Exemplified graphics with fantastic and professional details 
Realistic and competitive gameplay in the style of racing games 
Infinity Vector Ltd studio product

With the new and improved development of new gaming engines, we are witnessing the introduction of highly graphical games beyond mobile gaming. Different gaming companies and studios use these gaming engines to produce game consoles with detailed graphics. The British studio Infinity Vector Ltd is one of the studios that has come up with an exciting and exciting game of gaming with the controversial game of Assoluto Racing.

Assoluto Racing

Features :

  • Excellent graphics with great detail
  • Amazing and realistic car models
  • High precision in ambient detail, image effects and …
  • Lighting and sounding are very natural and admirable
  • Challenging and competitive gameplay in simulation and racing gameplay
  • There are various models of real models of sports cars from various companies
  • Contains different sections and competing competitions
  • Ability to adjust the camera’s view in different scenarios
  • Adjustable game controller in 3 different modes
  • Ability to set the level of game graphics for best possible implementation

Introducing and reviewing Assoluto Racing

The Assoluto Racing game from the UK’s Infinity Vector Ltd is an ultra-graphic game with very detailed and accurate details that are officially released in July 2016 for Android platforms. Assoluto An Italian word (Absolute in English) means complete, perfect, and absolute, and is related to professional and evolving car rides.

The assassin’s efforts at Assoluto Racing show the reality of the game in all sections. Everything you see in this game is real. The design of the models of real sports cars and the exclusive motoring of each engine up to the graphic design of the environment, the climate system and lighting and … all put the game on a professional level.

In the Assoluto Racing game, you have to compete in professional, challenging, and highly competitive races. You should be fully familiar with the system of a sports car and running car racing. Be careful in performing the necessary moves like swiping, wrapping timely screws, slipping and speeding up … The key to success is to win this beautiful game. Not only is the graphic detail of the game, but also the gameplay design of the game will definitely challenge you. In Assoluto Racing, you can take part in various races, and from dozens of sports car models, you can buy and upgrade each and every one you want with money and coins.

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