The latest version of the Automatic Call Recorder callX program

Different Android handsets have many features and features. But in some cases, some handsets do not have all the features at their default, and you have to install programs to take advantage of the features in your phone.

The Automatic Call Recorder app is a very functional tool that you can simply record all your conversations automatically. One feature that most phones do not support by default is the ability to automatically capture speeches. You can activate this feature on your phone by installing different apps. This highly functional application can also help you with this, and by installing it, you can automatically record all your calls bilaterally and on both sides of the call and save all the information in the program. .

Automatic Call Recorder callX Download the automatic call recording program

Features of the Automatic Call Recorder callX

  • Automatic recording of all conversations
  • Voice recording on both sides of the call
  • Ability to record manually or automatically
  • Choose between different formats for storage
  • Support for data on cloud services
  • Broadcast conversations recorded in the program
  • Display contacts with sounds
  • Ability to filter the recording of different calls
  • Ability to restrict recorded sound
  • Modern and beautiful user interface
  • And other facilities

As stated above, the Automatic Call Recorder callX is a very practical tool that you can easily record all your conversations and capture the sound of both sides of the call. It is also possible to set up various filters for recording the desired calls and you can save only your requirements. When you start recording, the program will notify you with a thrill and you can manually or automatically perform the recording. There is also the possibility of backing up the application’s information on cloud services and can be done.