This program is also known as the WA Chat Bot

PRO version and full software – Requested users

It may sometimes come to you that you received a message in Watts, but because your phone was not close to you, you could not answer the message.

AutoResponder for Whatsapp is a program for auto-responding to the messages you receive on the WhatsApp. The program can be considered as a powerful boot for the Watteapp, which allows you to respond to messages using predefined and predefined responses.

AutoResponder for Whatsapp Robot Responsive Watts App

AutoResponder for WhatsApp features

  • Auto Answer to Some / Some WhatsApp Messages with Predefined Text
  • Responding to a section or part of the text is similar to the words you want
  • Setting up a contact for each message to be sent
  • Possibility to respond to all messages (from all contacts) (if you sometimes can not respond and it is automatically possible to report this issue)
  • Answer with replacement answers like% time% to express time
  • Ability to define predefined texts

Features of the PRO version

  • Add infinite response for custom messaging
  • Replying if specific option is included
  • Reply with delay option
  • Submitting the blue tick option
  • No ads