Synchronize Google Drive service on various devices

With Autosync Pro for Google Drive

Google Drive’s cloud service is one of Google’s offerings for users that gives users ten-gigabyte space so users can upload and access their files.



  • There are two ways to synchronize and run on the background of the phone, such as Google Drive on the desktop
  • Ability to sync in arranged times: 15 minutes, 30 minutes and every hour
  • Different modes to sync. Ability to choose from: just upload, upload then delete, just download, auxiliary download and …
  • Ability to quickly upload to Google Drive
  • Very low impact on mobile phone battery
  • Very simple and easy to use for users

Autosync Pro for Google Drive is software for users of the Google Drive service, which allows you to synchronize files inside the phone with a Google Cloud Drive service. In this software, you can select a specific time period to automatically synchronize all the files in your phone and backup them to your cloud service at the same time interval. It has a very fast upload speed and can easily transfer files to Google Drive’s cloud service.