The Android operating system has very personalization capabilities and you can change the parts you want by installing different programs. The lock screen is one of those sections that is customizable by installing an Android application.

The Ava Lockscreen app is a very nice and functional personalization application for Android, with which you can make your phone’s flip page more beautiful and functional. The lock screen is the first screen you will encounter before entering your password. You can easily and quickly get to your agenda through this page, or see important messages like the latest incoming messages in this section. With this application, you can order all of these sections and receive special information and make available shortcuts to your intended applications.

Ava Lockscreen Download Apple App Lock Screen

Ava Lockscreen application features

  • A very personalized tool
  • Change Android Lock Screen
  • Take advantage of various wallpapers including live wallpapers
  • Customize shortcuts
  • Ability to add different widgets
  • Post a direct reply to messages
  • There are various themes for informing
  • Smart Intelligence category
  • Use the screen to enter the default phone code
  • And other facilities

As stated above, the Ava Lockscreen app is a very practical tool that you can easily change your lock screen and make it much more attractive by installing and running it on your Android phone. You can easily view your various types of notification in categories and also easily add your widgets to the lock screen. The program also has different themes and you can use live images for background.