Avira Optimizer Optimizer

Avira is known as an anti-malware company, and has certainly heard the name of the company’s powerful viruses have been heard over and over again. But for the long time, the same company has been working on providing software of another importance, and another of its programs is the optimization program for the Android operating system, which is named Avira Optimizer.


  • Speed ​​up and optimize your phone and tablet
  • Clearing the phone from unused and unused files
  • Optimize the RAM and its occupied space
  • Delete unwanted files without the use of the phone
  • Increase the battery life of the mobile phone

The Avira Optimizer’s powerful Avira Optimizer program offers the ability to optimize Android phones and tablets. This software will be able to clear unused and unused files that are overwritten in the phone. These files have been added to the phone as you browse through various apps and will reduce the performance and slower performance of the phone. Another feature of this Android app is the ability to optimize the RAM of the phone and clear its occupied space. As a result of the optimizations that the Avira Optimizer program does, you can see an increase in the battery life of your phone. You can get this app directly from the site.