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AZ Screen Recorder v4.2 Apk is Available !

AZ Screen Recorder screen capture program

Unlocked version of the program with unlimited possibilities
No need to root
Without putting a watermark on video

As you know for PC software supplied is a very large screen for video recording which allows users to record videos of your computer screen the day. But programs such application for Android OS is much less supply. However for those who are looking for such a program, this time on top of Android’ve prepared with AZ Screen Recorder allows you to record video of the screen.



  • Has a magic button
  • Front camera support
  • Having a timer countdown
  • Drawing on the screen
  • Edit videos

Magic button:

The buttons on the screen without having something to show you recorded controls. After your viewers only on the app, game or anything else that you want to capture focus.

Front camera support:

The software also supports front-facing camera for video recording. A small floating window that will be displayed for this job you can drag it in any direction you like.

Having a timer Reverse Number:

Do you want to start recording before you do anything special? Using Reverse Number AZ Screen Recorder can activate the timer to start recording once on the touch screen to tap.

Drawing on the page:

This allows you to whatever you want to draw on the screen of your phone. This feature is for when you want to build instructional videos apply, very useful.

Edit videos:

Video editing capabilities are also included in this application. You can capture parts of the movie that you do not want, try using cut.

AZ Screen Recorder allows you to record video of the screen. The limited number of apps that have been released for video recording screen, mostly, watermark on video recordings. And this is despite the fact that AZ Screen Recorder program no watermark on the videos recorded. It’s very easy and, most importantly, in the version that you have prepared, you will not be seeing any advertising.

Pause during recording, you can record and then resume it again at any time. This feature does not exist in similar software and AZ Screen Recorder is the only software that offers the possibility. (According to manufacturer)

For many others, this question arises that what is the use of video recording of the phone’s screen can have?

One of the main means of doing so, is used to make instructional videos. When you want to create training videos must use software that has this capability. As well as to record scenes from a play and record obtained can use this software. These are just a few of the applications that are AZ Screen Recorder!

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