Capture video secretly with the Background Video Recorder

Background (Secret) Video Recorder lets you capture video secretly in the background of the phone. With this software, you can simply record the lengths you do not want to know about recording a movie, recording videos in the background of your phone.


  • Record the movie on the phone
  • Supports different languages
  • Optimize and clean the video after recording
  • Turn off video display
  • Turn off and turn on the shutter sound
  • Night mode support
  • Supports white balance
  • Timing the camera for movie recording
  • Icons to put on the home screen
  • Support for front and rear camera
  • Select movie storage location
  • Infinite timing for movie time
  • Ability to automatically shut off the movie when space is lacking

Perhaps sometimes you have been asked to capture a video in such a way that nobody gets to know about it. As you know, if you want to do this with your phone, anyone who looks at your phone’s screen will notice this and will know that you are filming. But the Background (Secret) Video Recorder app can hide the issue well, because by installing this app no ​​one will be notified of the subject of filming. This software is capable of filming operations on the background of the phone and you will normally be working with your phone. You can even shut down the shutter sound so that the shutter sound does not attract the attention of people around you.