The latest version of BAD 2 BAD DELTA for Android

Android games allow you to fill in the idle time and you can spend a good time by installing a game in your spare time and enjoy the various stages of the game. Unrivaled gaming has made everyone to find and enjoy the game.

BAD 2 BAD DELTA is an awesome fun game created and published by the DAWINSTONE Studios. By installing this fascinating game, you can step into different battlefields and fight your enemies. In this game, soldiers and heroes are all friendly characters and animals, and the main hero of the game is also the commander of the Panda. You can go on missions with your team and fight enemies. The weapons and equipment you use are all among the best weapons and you can complete missions with war machines and tanks.

BAD 2 BAD DELTA Download Bad Game on Bad

The features of the game BAD 2 BAD DELTA

  • An exciting offline game
  • Control the distance between you and the enemies
  • There are 15 different heroes to take part in the battle
  • The ability to request help from support units
  • It has more than 60 different military units
  • Over 90 exciting and exciting stages in 3 sections
  • Has various modes to play
  • Very attractive and exciting gameplay
  • Take advantage of various weapons
  • There are points of privilege to kill
  • And other features

As stated above, BAD 2 BAD DELTA is an awesome fun game where you can dispatch various military missions with the Panda Commander. An important point during the battle is to maintain your distance between enemies and you must eliminate enemies before you reduce that distance. The game runs perfectly and you can enjoy doing so. There are fifteen protagonists in the game that you can do missions with their help.

You can also help the support team during the game and get out of the predicament. There are more than sixty different military units in the game, and each one can help you. The enemies are brutally coming to you and you must also destroy them with successive firing . There are 90 exciting and challenging stages in the game that can be done in three different sections and you can finish them in different modes.