The latest version of the Bandwidth Layer app

Different Android apps allow you to do different things. With these programs, you can easily do different things and apply various settings on your phone.

The Bandwidth Layer app is a very functional tool that can help you manage your bandwidth usage. Bandwidth and data consumption are one of the most important points that all users have been considering. This program will need root access to restrict bandwidth, and other users can only use a few features. With this app, you can easily download or upload speeds in different parts, such as data, WiFi, or hotspot, and set certain limits for disconnected access when the limit is reached. .

Bandwidth Downloader Bandwidth Management Application

Bandwidth Layer application features

  • A very functional tool
  • Simple and easy interface
  • Requires root access
  • Set up Wi-Fi upload speed, mobile data and Bluetooth
  • Limit download speed and upload to Hotspot
  • Possibility to add bandwidth on completion
  • Use the Quick Tour feature
  • Increase the time limit imposed
  • Displays notification after the specified volume has expired
  • Add up to 16 planes for data
  • And other facilities

As stated above, the Bandwidth Layer is a very practical tool that you can easily use to limit your phone’s volume of internet usage. You can manage all parts, including the use of your phone or even other devices connected to the phone through the Hotspot. In this way, upon completion of the program, you will be notified and you can completely disconnect the access, or add to the volume or time limit.