Load Code Reader and Advanced Barcode Scanner

Fully Unlocked Version – All Pro functionality is open and usable

Many of the products and goods in the various markets have information that can be accessed only through carved barcodes. To get useful and useful information from various products, several software for reading QR codes have been released and published, which is one of the most powerful ones in the Barcode Scanner . With this you can read the barcode of various items and read important information. Get them.

Barcode Scanner


Possibility to identify barcodes of different goods in the market
Fast and easy scanning of barcodes with the ability to download links
Display barcode prices and other desired product services
It has a very stylish interface, far from ambiguity

Using the Barcode Scanner capabilities, read the barcode of the merchandise at the earliest possible time, and see the details of them as the price and so on. You can also scan data matrices or QR codes including URLs, contact information, etc., and manage them. The ability to identify barcodes of goods, barcode scan, barcode display, and other features of this application are useful. In the end, the use of this program is very simple and unambiguous, with a beautiful and user-friendly interface, and to use its features is enough after installing and running this application, lens your phone to the bar code and the desired QR Code To display the program, information or download link on your phone’s screen. All of these features are free and there is no need for an in-app payment.